About Crane Handyman Company In Topeka

Crane Handyman Company was founded in 2016 by Joel Crane of Topeka, KS. Our articles of organization are filed with the state of Kansas. We provide handyman repair and remodeling services to Topeka and its surrounding communities.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, you can check out our list under the services tab. If you don’t see your specific need there, don’t worry – just give us a call and we can match up our abilities with your specific needs!

Our Customers

Our customers always tell us how surprised they were that we answered the phone, showed up on time, provided a bid, and, if accepted, performed the work exceptionally. It can be hard to find someone you can trust to work on your HOME. Don’t trust just anyone. We have been in business for 8 years and have helped out countless Shawnee County residents, often when others could not, and often saving our customers thousands of dollars in the process. When you hire a handyman and remodeler from Crane Handyman Company, your job will get done well. This isn’t a second job for us, it isn’t a fall back, this is an intentional business set up to provide high quality handyman and remodeling services for the long haul. We love what we do, we love the variety of work, we love making our customers happy.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Nothing is more fulfilling in business than knowing you’ve made your customer happy. We strive to make sure our customers are always satisfied with our service. We offer a professional service, we arrive to our appointments punctually, we make no excuses and we perform our work with high regard to quality and craftsmanship. We are a company you can trust in your home and that’s hard to find.

About Joel

Joel was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, 60 miles south of the Canadian border. Up there, if you wanted to survive winter, you learned to be self-sufficient and industrious. Cold winters and loads of snow meant there was always work to be done around the house and his father was a willing teacher. In high school, Joel worked replacing septic systems and building foundations for a friend of his father. He moved to San Diego after high school and apprenticed under his uncle as a finish carpenter and cabinet maker. Afterwards, he worked as a project manager for a land development company in Idaho.

Joel Crane Owner of Crane Handyman Company Topeka Remodeling Services

Joel served in the US Army as an electrical generation and distribution technician. He earned his B.B.A in 2012 from Baker University. Joel moved to Topeka in the mid 2000’s where he met and married his wonderful, gracious, and beautiful wife. Together, they have four incredible young children. Joel’s greatest goal in life is to be a worthy father and husband. Joel’s hobby is his work; when he is not working on a client’s home, he can be found working on his own home and teaching his children the same way his father taught him.